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Personal Safety & Self Defence Course

Gym Equipments

11am - 2pm Sunday 6th November
Learn simple and effective self defence skills to keep you safe

Our Personal Safety & Self Defence courses are taught by Brian Carr Director/Head Trainer at and a retired police officer. Brian is a certified BTEC Advanced Level 3 Self Defence instructor which is recognised as the highest award and most creditable qualification for teaching self defence in the UK.

Our courses cover a wide variety of topics to help you stay safe without having any previous self defence training. You don't need to be a black belt to be able to defend yourself!

Courses can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Course Content:

Learn simple and effective break away and self defence techniques that work with no previous training.

Personal Safety - Tips to keep yourself safe and increase your situational awareness to help you avoid confrontational and potentially threatening situations.

The law and self defence

The primitive stress response (fight, flight or freeze) - How to stay calm when under pressure and stay alert to danger.

And so much more!

We guarantee that you will leave our course with simple and easy to remember self defence techniques that will improve your self confidence to defend yourself in a threatening situation.

For further information about our personal safety & self defence courses please contact us via the website or call Brian on 07545 785154.

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